Monday, August 1, 2011

Ron Clark!

Thanks to the power of Twitter I heard that Ron Clark was going to be in town.  Not only that, but he was going to be at Barnes and Noble!  I had the chance to see him several years ago and absolutely love his Essential 55 book.  I can't wait to read his new book The End of Molasses Classes.  If you ever get a chance to see Ron Clark take it!  He is full of energy, full of passion, and full of great ideas.  It is also nice to get a jump start before school with inspirational people! I am lucky to have inspirations as Kevin Honeycutt and Ron Clark in my sights this month! 


  1. AWESOME! So wish could be there but thanks for sharing will be on look out for his books!

  2. Too cool, Girl! Hope you have a great year! I will be teaching 2nd grade next year!